The following are examples of projects that we at DigitalBlue Marketing have undertaken. These projects show examples of videos we have made for ranking in the Google search engines and YouTube natural search. We have also included a number of YouTube videos that we use for running YouTube TruView video ads.

This is a video that we did for Wim Hof to promote his course called The Wim Hof Method. We also worked with their project manager to aid them in the copy for their sales page for the course and giving them guidance about how to best create a page that converts.

This is a good example of a video that we created after getting access to Wim's course and actually using it. Then we got it ranking highly in the search engines for keywords that we deemed as high value and popular.

These three videos are examples of the type of videos that we create for the YouTube video ads. They are optimized to get people to click on the video and visit the clients Website.

*Please note: These videos are used for "Pre Roll" video ads on YouTube and they don't have the functionality to be clicked on. This function will only work when they are displayed on YouTube as a video ad.